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CCUS Conference Rotterdam

CCUS Conference Rotterdam

Presentations 9 June 2022

Click on the link below to download the presentations we received so far or find an overview here. 


ACT Knowledge Sharing Workshop


08:30   Opening, Welcome

Jan Hopman, CATO
Ragnhild Rønneberg, Research Council of Norway, coordinator of ACT

     EC Policy Update on Research and Innovation on CCUS

Vassilios Kougionas: Senior Policy officer European Commission, DG Research and Innovation

09:00     Capture, Storage and Use, ACT’s Cross Cutting (Highlight Projects)

              NEWEST          Mathieu Lucquiaud (ACT2, Waste-to-Energy)

              SUCCEED        Sevket Durucan  (ACT2, storage, monitoring & geothermal)

              AC2OCEM        Cynthia Kroumian (ACT2, oxyfuel cement)

              LOUISE            Jochen Ströhle (ACT3, CLCombustion)

10:00     Break              

10:15     STORAGE

              SENSE            Bahman Bohloli (ACT2)

              RETURN         Pierre Cerasi (ACT3)

              SHARP            Elin Skurtveit (ACT3)

11:00     Break

11:15     CAPTURE

              LAUNCH         Peter van Os (ACT2)

              PRISMA          Susana Garcia (ACT2)

              SCOPE           Hanne Kvamsdal (ACT3)

12:00     AT SEA

              MemCCSEA      George Skevis (ACT2)

              EverLoNG          Marco Linders (ACT3)

13:00     Lunch


              ACT!ON                 Anna Korre (ACT3)

              REX-CO2              Maartje Koning(ACT2)

              CEMENTEGRITY  Gaute Svenningsen (ACT3)

15:00     USAGE

              FUNMIN           Devis Di Tommaso (ACT2)

              NEXTCCUS      Mahmoud Zendehdel (ACT3)

              CoCaCo2La     Jon Blackburn (ACT3)

              CooCE             Tomas Morosinotto (ACT3)

15:30     Break

16:00     MONITORING

              ENSURE        Bettina Goertz-Allman (ACT3)

              Actom             Guttorm Alendal (ACT2)

              DIGIMON        Arvid NØttvedt (ACT2)

17:00    CEMENT

              ABSALT          Colin E. Snape (ACT3)

              ANICA             Guttorm Alendal (ACT2)

              CREATE         Tim Stauft (ACT3)

17:45     RESUMÉ

18:00     Drinks

19:00     ACT network dinner (only for ACT-members)



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