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8th Dutch CCS symposium

8th Dutch CCS symposium

Break-out sessions


  • SCOT project on Carbon Dioxide Utilization,Hans Bolscher, Trinomics Rotterdam.
  • CO2 capture and re-use at a waste incinerator, Patrick Huttenhuis, Procede,
  • CO2 to Fuel, Michael Gleeson, Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research


CO2 & minerals

  • CEP: CO2 to energy and products, Pol Knops, Innovation Concepts B.V.
  • Enhanced Weathering of Olivine, Nichol Brummer,Olivijn Stichting
  • Greensand, Bas Zeën, Greensand

Chemistry of CO2 in the subsurface

  • Behaviour of wellbore casing-cement with CO2, Tim Wolterbeek, Utrecht University
  • Behaviour of quartz sands with CO2, Mariska Schimmel, Utrecht University
  • Werkendam: natural CO2 analogue field, Suzanne Hangx, Utrecht University


Enhanced oil and gas recovery

  • Electromagnetic monitoring of gasses in the subsurface - A field trial for Enhanced Oil Recovery, Andreas Schaller, Delft University of Technology
  • Geophysical monitoring of CCS reservoirs: controlled high P-T laboratory experiments, Ranajit Ghose, Delft University of Technology
  • CO2 storage potential in depleted gas fields of the West Netherlands Basin: Case study P-18 Gas Field, Koen van Toorenenburg, Delft University of Technology


International CCS activities

  • Current Activities and Future Opportunities for CCUS in the UAE, Mohammad Abu Zahra, Masdar institute of science and technology Abu Dhabi
  • CCS activities in Norway, Nils Røkke, SINTEF 



  • CO2 leaking detection by Oxygen measurements, Harro Meijer, RUG
  • Fairchar: Agriculture and CCUS in Africa, Harry Schreurs, Boudewijn Klaverstijn, Fairchar
  • ERA-NET Cofund ACT - Accelerating CCS Technologies, Gerdi Breembroek, Netherlands Enterprise Agency (


Miscellaneous II

  • Developing a European Project of Common Interest The H2020 Gateway Project, Tom Mikunda, TNO
  • First and second generation CO2 capture: risks and opportunities, Earl Goetheer, TNO


Plenary room, Pagnier corner - The professional live of Henk Pagnier
Plenary room Jansen Corner - The professional live of Daan Jansen
Plenary room, Casino Corner, CATO's Climate Casino


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