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7th Dutch CCS Symposium: CATO2 results

7th Dutch CCS Symposium: CATO2 results

7th Dutch CCS Symposium: 19 & 20 June

Amsterdam RAI

Over 200 scientists, policy makers and decision makers were present at the 7th Dutch CCS Symposium in Amsterdam RAI. CATO-2 has organized this two-day conference to celebrate the achievements of integrated CCS research both in the Netherlands and internationally. The participants learned about the latest developments in capture, regulation, transport, storage, public perception, and implementation of CCS.

The theme for Day 1 was CCS progress & next steps. In the morning Maria van der Hoeven, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency, spoke about Urgency of implementing CCS as part of climate mitigation strategies in the world energy system. Bert de Vries, Deputy Director-General, Department Energy and Sustainability Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs received the first copy of the book: Linking the Chain, Integrated CATO2 knowledge for the next step in CO2 Capture & Storage. For all presentations, look here

In the afternoon the International CCS research agenda 2014 - 2040 was subject of discussion in a panel with international guests.

Furthermore, the interactive knowledge festival featured among other things table top presentations, short courses, software tools for CCS implementation, hands-on carbon dioxide experiments and over 30 posters were presented.

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