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6de Nationaal Symposium CCS

6de Nationaal Symposium CCS

The 6th National CCS Symposium

"Roadmaps to reality" 

About 125 people attended the 6th National CCS symposium on 22 May 2012. Highlights were the keynote speach given by Mr Hans Alders (EnergieNed), the interactive presentation Steps for the Netherlands by Chris Hendriks and Rolf de Vos (Ecofys) and the simulation game CarbonFuture. Visitors also enjoyed the innovative approach of the Knowledge Parade.

Keynote: Hans Alders


Chairperson Jacqueline Cramer (Utrecht Sustainability Institute) first introduced Hans Alders, president of EnergieNed. He gave an interesting keynote speach about the vision of the Dutch energy companies on climate change and the transition to renewable energy.

From scenarios to action

Two other speakers, Kornelis Blok (Ecofys and University of Utrecht) and Clas Ekstrom (Vattenfall, speaking on behalf of ZEP) discussed some of the key factors for implementation of CCS and other climate mitigation measures. The latter talked about the costs of CCS, which is an important parameter in all business and government decision making processes.

Surprise: get on your feet

The participants were rather surprised when they returned in the main room after their coffee break. All the chairs had been taken away! Fortunately, they could take action to remedy this problem. With the enthusiastic guidance of Rolf de Vos, everyone folded their cardboard do-it-yourself stools. An interactive session presented by Chris Hendriks (Ecofys) and assisted by Rolf de Vos about the steps for the Netherlands (quite literally) got all participants involved in the process of thinking about the next steps for implementation of CCS in the Netherlands.

CCS game: CarbonFuture

In the afternoon, one room was entirely devoted to playing the XXL simulation game CarbonFuture that CATO had developed with DNV KEMA. Six teams competed to be the producer with the lowest CO2-emissions and/or the most money at the end of the game.

Knowledge Parade: sharing knowledge

Those who chose (partly) not to participate in the game, could pick any of a number of activities to increase their knowledge of CCS and/or to share their own knowledge. Instead of traditionale powerpoint presentations, speakers' corners were active all over the building. Once more, it became clear how much knowledge already exists about CCS and its complexities.
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