Eifel GeoRoutes

Within the context of the CATO2 PhD program several visits to the Eifel area in Germany were organized. For non-geologists this area is a nice and green hilly country site, ideal for hiking or just a short lazy holiday break. For geologists this region is an area where the Paris Basin meets the Rhine Graben, where a hill could be the remains of a volcano, and where a lake might be the cover up of a magma chamber that could explode any moment with worldwide catastrophic consequences.

For CATO researchers

For CATO researchers, this is the place to observe CO2   in a natural geological setting, or alternatively as the bubbles in the famous Weiss bier (or if you like in the sparkling Gerolsteiner mineral water).

Our enthusiastic guide, Ronnie van Overmeeren, has prepared a number of trips with all the geological background information in a free app for you smartphone.

For downloading the free app for Androids, look here

For Iphone, look here