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Universiteit Utrecht


The Utrecht Faculty of Geosciences has a leading international position in academic research into the Earth, sustainability, urbanisation and migration. It is between these four cornerstones that the key issues facing science and society today come together.


Multidisciplinary innovation
The combination of research into natural sciences and socio-economic research within a single faculty is unique in the Netherlands. Mutual cross-fertilisation between different academic disciplines gives rise to new ideas and ensures ongoing research at the forefront of innovation.

Utrecht Centre for Energy research (UCE)


The Utrecht Centre for Energy research (UCE) at Utrecht University initiates, acquires and manages national and international energy research projects. Research is in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and carbon capture and storage, and ranges from fundamental research to support for policymakers. The partners have created UCE with a small staff (5 persons), so the projects are carried out by experts from its partners, often including experts from third parties.

The Copernicus Institute


The Copernicus Institute investigates and develops processes and opportunities for innovative change towards sustainability. The institute thus seeks to contribute to the development of knowledge and techniques as well as methods and instruments in the field of sustainable development, taking note of related social debates and policy processes.

It is the ambition of the institute to make a difference - in science and education, and in society at large - in the exploration of a sustainable world.


030-253 7641

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Latest Publications

Type Title Secure Date
20191126 - Role of CCS in the Power System
20190626 - Workshop System-Legal - Carbon Take Back Obligation (CTBO)
20190626 - Workshop System - Legal - Role of CCS to save humanity+
Journal Article
ARGUS- Ondergronds opslaan CO2 veel voordeliger
Impact of chemical and mechanical processes on wellbore integrity in CO2 storage systems
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