CATO Programme

The CATO programme is the Dutch CCS research programme. CATO is an abbreviation for CO2 Afvang, Transport en Opslag (CO2 capture, transport and storage). In November 2014 the third phase of CATO started.

History of CATO

The first CATO programme started in 2004. This programme involved cooperation between 17 partners and lasted from 2004-2008, with PhD work ongoing until 2009. CATO-1 has provided several innovations that have put the Netherlands in a leading position in the international CCS community. The successor to the first programme was CATO-2 and involved cooperation between 35 partners and lasted from 2010-2014. It was a demand driven R&D programme and focused on facilitating and enabling integrated CCS development and demo’s. Since 2015, the CATO programme office continues its coordination activities on CCS programs in the frame of TKI (Dutch Topconsortia for Knowledge and Innovation) and international CCS collaborations. The CATO Programme Office will ensure that the projects under the CATO umbrella will work together and that the CATO network will be maintained.

More information on current and past Sub-Programmes in CATO. 


Connection to international CCS programs

Participants in the CATO programme are involved in many projects and networks regarding CCS, like those funded by the Sixth and Seventh Framework Programmes, as well as H2020 activities. This will help to ensure coordination with ongoing and envisaged research efforts in these programmes. For those projects that do not include any CATO participants, CATO will seek to maintain close contact and learn from their findings. Members of the CATO programme are also involved in international Boards such as IEA-GHG and ETP-ZEP. 


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