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GDF K12-B Offshore CO2 Injection Project

Gas producer GDF Suez is exploiting the K12-B gas field, located in the Dutch sector of the North Sea, approximately 150 km northwest of Amsterdam. It has been producing natural gas since 1987 with a relatively high CO2 content. After extracting the natural gas, CO2 is removed from the natural gas.


The K12-B CO2 injection Project re-injects the extracted CO2 into the gas field. This makes K12-B the first site where CO2 is being injected into the same reservoir where it was produced. The injected CO2 is being monitored together with TNO in the CO2 Remove project. The goal of the project is to investigate the feasibility of CO2 injection and storage in depleted natural gas fields along with corresponding monitoring and verification, well integrity and Enhanced Gas Recovery (EGR).

The project is performed in collaboration with TNO. Prior to transport to shore, CO2 is removed from the natural gas. Until recently the CO2 was vented, but since 2004 it is partly injected into the gas field, at a depth of approximately 4000 m. Up till 2010 approximately 80.000 t CO2 has been re-injected.

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