CATO continues

  CATO continues  

CATO is the Dutch national R&D programme for CO2 capture, transport and storage in which a consortium of nearly 40 partners cooperate. Building on the success of CATO-1 and CATO-2  the Dutch programme on CO2 Capture and storage's continues. Besides the contribution of our industrial partners, the third phase of CATO will be funded by different sources from the government, like TKI, CLIMIT, EU ERA-NET. The CATO program office will coordinate all the programmes under the CATO umbrella to strengthen the CSS network and knowledge transfer. 

Where to now for CCS in the Netherlands?

Last week, through a ministerial brief to the second chamber of the Dutch Parliament, it was made public that UNIPER and ENGIE intend to withdraw from the ROAD CCS Project, with the decision becoming effective on the 15th of September of this year. ROAD, which was originally planned to start operation by 2015, would have demonstrated a technology that is considered to be a key contributor to meeting global CO2 reduction targets. Despite this bad news, there could be reasons to remain optimistic about the future of CCS in the Netherlands, with broad political support remaining for realizing the technology, particularly in industrial sectors. CATO has spoken with Dr. Andy Read, Capture Director of the ROAD Project, to understand more about the decisions made by the parent companies, and to learn about possible plans to try and push forward with the original transport and storage components of the project.   LINK TO THE ARTICLE.  

CATO-ECN EVENT: Will CCS reinforce the European steel industry?

In cooperation with ECN, CATO co-hosted the two-day conference ‘Reducing the carbon footprint of the steel industry', dated 19-20 April 2017.  


The scientific programme included presentations of the latest results from the European funded Horizon 2020 projects, STEPWISE and FReSMe, which both focus on designing and demonstrating innovate CO2 capture techniques to reduce the carbon footprint of steel production.

The interactive session focussed on policies to support decarbonization efforts, while maintaining competitiveness and innovation in the European steel sector.


Please check the presentations and the summary of the conference.

TKI Regular CCUS call now open

  TKI Regular CCUS call now open  




Funding totaling €1 million for CCUS research has been announced by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The funding is available both for industrial as well as experimental research. As part of the ‘Topsector Energie' progamme CCUS, research should focus on removing technical, economical and societal barriers to CCUS deployment, lowering the cost of CCUS and promoting the re-use of CO2.


The call for proposals opened on the 1st July 2017. The submission procedure and relevant documents can be found on the CCUS page of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency’s (RVO) website.


A model project plan can be found here and the official publication in the Staatscourant can be found here.  

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Geo hiking Eifel

For CATO researchers the Eifel in Germany is the place to observe CO2 in a natural geological setting. We made a free app with all routes and information
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