CATO continues

  CATO continues  

CATO is the Dutch national R&D programme for CO2 capture, transport and storage in which a consortium of nearly 40 partners cooperate. Building on the success of CATO-1 and CATO-2  the Dutch programme on CO2 Capture and storage's continues. Besides the contribution of our industrial partners, the third phase of CATO will be funded by different sources from the government, like TKI, CLIMIT, EU ERA-NET. The CATO program office will coordinate all the programmes under the CATO umbrella to strengthen the CSS network and knowledge transfer. 

2nd stage of ACT-call now open


The consortium ACT - Accelerating Carbon capture and storage Technologies - launched its 2nd Call for proposals with a total budget of 41 Million Euro. 

There is a two stage application process. Due date for submission of pre-proposals to stage 1 was 7 September 2016. Due date for submission of proposals to stage 2 is 16 January 2017 at 13:00 CET. This step is only applicable for projects that pass stage 1 and have been invited to sumbit full proposal.


Further info can be found on the ACT website. Please inform the CATO programme office of your ideas, so they can help you with your proposals, for instance by connecting you with fellow researchers or answering other questions.

TKI-CCUS: Call for Proposals

  TKI-CCUS: Call for Proposals  




Parties are invited to submit project proposals that address CCUS and focus on the implementation of knowledge capital acquired to date, thus improving the business case for CCUS projects.

Parties are invited to explicitly address the expected impact of their research effort in terms of TRL-levels, the short- and long-term scientific impact, the economic impact and the environemental impact (climate gain).


They are furthermore invited to detail on the envisioned exploitation of their results and the importance of these results for Dutch CCS development.

The total subsidy budget available for this call is 250k€. The deadline for submitting proposals is Monday 30 January 2017; 12.00h.  For more information: TKI-CCUS: Call for Proposals. 


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Geo hiking Eifel

For CATO researchers the Eifel in Germany is the place to observe CO2 in a natural geological setting. We made a free app with all routes and information
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