Upcoming call ACT

  Upcoming call ACT  

A part of the Dutch government funding on CCS research will be allocated to the EU ACT (Accelerating CCS Technologies) programme. ACT aims to accelerate and mature CCS technology by making available funds for innovation and research activities. Ten partners and the European Union work together in an ERA-NET Cofund towards that aim, with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl) as the Dutch partner.

CATO continues


CATO is the Dutch national R&D programme for CO2 capture, transport and storage in which a consortium of nearly 40 partners cooperate. Building on the success of CATO-1 and CATO-2  the Dutch programme on CO2 Capture and storage's continues. Besides the contribution of our industrial partners, the third phase of CATO will be funded by different sources from the government, like TKI, CLIMIT, EU ERA-NET. The CATO program office will coordinates all the programmes under the CATO umbrella to strengthen the CSS network and knowledge transfer.

CO2 emissions trading in the EU

  CO2 emissions trading in the EU  

In his PhD thesis, Arnold Mulder examines conflicting policy measures that undermine the EU CO2 Emission Trading scheme. Despite early hopes that the EU ETS could trigger investments in greenhouse gas reduction technologies around Europe, its ability to do so has fallen far below prior expectations. The current cost to allow a company to emit one tonne of CO2 is around 5 €. This is far below the extra cost needed to reduce the same amount of CO2 with for example wind energy or CO2 Capture and Storage. Policymakers now face the challenging task to revitalize the EU ETS and bring its ability to trigger investment in line with policy objectives.

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Geo hiking Eifel

For CATO researchers the Eifel in Germany is the place to observe CO2 in a natural geological setting. We made a free app with all routes and information
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